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    [Notice]Working Paper Series of School of Management
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      In order to improve research and innovation at the Shandong University, the School of Management launched a Working Paper Series initiative in March 2017. Since its launch, fifteen scientific papers across various disciplines including Business Administration, Human Resources, Engineering Management and Information Science have been published in the first three Issues of the SoM Working Paper Series.


      Pioneered and established by Professor Jiwat Ram with the support of the School and Associate Dean of Research, a dedicated team led by Jiwat, Professor Yang Huixin (Dean School of Management) and Associate Editors (Dr. Zhang  Xuzhu, Dr. Liao Yi-Chuan, Dr. Shaw Kang-Hwa, Dr. Yu Guodong, Dr. Liu Chunyu) have now built the pioneering end-to-end process based full-scale quality journal publication system.


      The School of Management have also initiated further measures to encourage and appreciate faculty members and students to publish papers in SoM Working Paper Series and take full advantage of getting feedback on their ongoing research work. It is expected to help in improving chances of successful publication outcomes in a very competitive publication environment.


      We believe that the SoM Working Paper Series initiative is a first step in the direction of re-invigorating the research potential of faculty members and students at the School of Management. This is expected to have a significant spillover effect on the overall research output of Shandong University and will generate opportunities for highlighting the research achievements at the global stage.


    School of Management

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